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Graduation assignment of a student of each course involves an independent study of the topic and description of the results obtained. Despite the fact that this is an educational project, high demands are placed on it. The student is required to have a professional level of knowledge of the material, knowledge of all directions, and the history of the development of the issue, the ability to analyze information and draw objective conclusions. A higher percentage of originality is also required here. If in abstracts it is enough to correctly compare existing materials, then the author’s component is important. Writing a paper course involves a deep analysis of the practice, the ability to conduct an experiment because the owner of such skills is a research specialist.

Content requirements

The presentation is built depending on the topic of research. It is formulated jointly with the supervisor. The topic should briefly reflect the main idea. It can be systematization, the search for patterns, causes, and ways to improve the existing system – everything that solves a practical problem or explains it. Anyone who decides to order model term paper writing should remember that the manager and the commission in the content of the manuscript pay attention not only to its idea, but also to the methods. Non-professional error: first write the main part, and then “tailor” the introduction and methods to it. But it is immediately noticeable to a professional researcher. The correct methodology is extremely important: it shows how truly the student organized his activities and how he came to the conclusions of the paper.

  • Requirements for the structure and design
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    There should be no errors in the text; the formatting should be the same from the first to the last page: alignment, spacing, font, chapter and paragraph headings, etc.
  • The structure of course paper is traditional: introduction – relevance, purpose, objectives, research methods; theoretical part – the history of the development of the issue, the formulation and clarification of key concepts, a description of the problem being solved; the practical part – a description of the course of the experiment, the data obtained, their analysis and interpretation; conclusions after each chapter; conclusion.
  • List of sources.

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